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Motor vehicle accidents are one of the most common causes of back and spine injuries. While many car accident injuries are minor and heal with minimal complications, some are more serious, requiring extensive treatment or even lifelong care. Immediately after

Creating a will is one of the essential steps to estate planning. Without it, you leave your assets up to state law. But what if you need to edit your original will? As you get older, your circumstances change, so

Motor vehicle accidents are a serious concern for the state of Pennsylvania, both for the impact on citizens of the state and the economic costs to the commonwealth. Although 2020 showed a slight decrease in fatal traffic accidents, the total

The Pennsylvania court understands custody arrangements as a temporary agreement subject to change. Children get older, and their needs change. Additionally, parents face life adjustments as well. Any of these may require changes in a custody agreement. Requesting relocation Sometimes

Young people with alcohol DUI convictions in Pennsylvania face severe penalties, including fines, community service and jail time. The state’s strict laws focus on deterring drinking and driving among drivers under the age of 24, responsible for more fatal road

Under Pennsylvania’s implied consent law, drivers must submit to a breath test when officers request one. Roadside breath testing devices, however, may produce unreliable readings, as an investigation by the New York Times uncovered. Despite breath testing device manufacturers typically

If you are in a wreck with a driver who does not have automobile insurance, you may wonder about your options for recovering the compensation you deserve. A collision with an uninsured motorist can leave you with expensive medical bills

The police can pull over drivers that break the law. If you find yourself in a traffic stop, it helps to know what you should and should not do. An officer considers your behavior during a roadside stop. You can

Marijuana is a point of contention in the U.S., with many arguing for the legalization of its recreational and medical use. While it is currently legal in Guam, Washington D.C. and 19 states, Pennsylvania is not among this number. Unfortunately,

If you are a college student, no one has to tell you how expensive pursuing a four-year degree can be. In addition to seeking help from your family, working a job and taking out private loans, you may qualify for