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Attorney Zubin F. billimoria

Attorney Zubin F. Billimoria


Zubin Billimoria began practicing law in his hometown of London, England. After marrying his American wife, they relocated to Detroit, Michigan. Military service then took them to Columbia, South Carolina.

When they were looking for a permanent home, they were excited to find exactly what they were looking for in Indiana, PA. That is a close-knit community where he and his wife could raise their young children.

Zubin’s legal career has followed him to every stop around the world. In England, he worked for a small corporate law firm, specializing in litigation and corporate work.

In Michigan, he attended Wayne State Law School to get his U.S. qualification. There, he finished in the top 10 in his law school class. He then worked for one of the largest law firms in the State, practicing a wide range of litigation, divorce and child custody, and corporate law.

After moving to South Carolina, Zubin worked for the State on professional licensing issues. This gave him a huge amount of courtroom experience which has been invaluable in helping him in his current practice.

Now that Zubin is privileged to live in Western Pennsylvania, he is committed to serving the local community in whatever capacity he is needed.

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