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Honoring A Trustor’s Wishes – We Can Help You Do It Right

While a trust is not subject to the probate process, it still comes with potential complications. The appointed trustee will have to distribute the trust based on the trustor’s wishes, just as an executor of an estate would do with a will. These are not simple matters and they require a keen eye. Trustees highly benefit from the skilled legal assistance of an attorney who has handled these matters many times.

We can help the process go smoothly and see that the trust administration is executed correctly. Kauffman & Billimoria, PLLC offers trust administration assistance from lawyers with extensive backgrounds in Pennsylvania estate law.


The trustee’s position can be intimidating but we will guide you through everything that needs to be completed, including:

  • Transferring titles
  • Gathering necessary documents
  • Settling debts owed by the decedent
  • Keeping a detailed account of the trust’s asset distribution

You can benefit in several ways from seeking legal guidance from an attorney. Our lawyers will work to see you feel confident about this process. We will also seek to protect your future from unnecessary stresses that arise if someone contests the trust or improperly handles information.


There is a lot to be done in trust administration but you do not have to do it alone. Reach out and set up a consultation with us by calling 724-357-9990 or sending an email.