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The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation reported that police in the state made over 42,000 DUI arrests in 2022. Driving under the influence remains one of the chief concerns for traffic safety officials. When an officer stops a vehicle under suspicion

Divorce can be particularly complex when the fate of the family enterprise is a concern. It becomes important to implement strategies that protect the business during the process. Have open and honest communication A good approach begins with an open

Signing up for life insurance and a 401(k) can be an important part of your estate plan. These assets allow you to designate someone to receive the proceeds from the account or insurance policy. However, you will likely have to

When it comes to road safety, people often focus on seat belt use and defensive driving techniques. However, many people have not considered the impact of where someone sits in a vehicle. The seat a person chooses can significantly affect

Family separations have many complications, especially if they involve minor children. Fighting for custody is not an easy battle and has several key considerations. As you prepare for your child custody case, you should understand the difference between legal and

In criminal cases involving drugs and alcohol, the judge’s sentence may send the individual in question to rehab rather than jail. While the ultimate decision falls on the judge and depends on the details of the case, there are a

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued a ruling that restricts the ability of law enforcement to search a vehicle. While an office is free to search the car when they have a search warrant, there are clear limitations established for searching

Most of the time, the executor passes the deceased’s will through probate without conflict or challenges to the will’s validity. But will contests do happen sometimes. An heir can claim that they have been shortchanged their “rightful” inheritance or that

Financial disclosures, often called financial affidavits, are common for divorce proceedings. Each party in the divorce may file a financial affidavit detailing their assets, expenses, and income. In an ideal situation, all assets appear on the statements to facilitate adequate

Writing a will is an important step toward completing your estate plan and ensuring that your loved ones will be well cared for in the event of an untimely tragedy. Before your will is complete, however, you must name a