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3 tips for parenting after a divorce

Sharing custody of your children after a breakup or divorce is difficult under any circumstance. The current environment has presented even more challenges for parents in these situations, but there are also consistent recommendations that can make your and your child’s life easier.

Here are some tips for every divorced parent to keep in mind:

Check in with your children

Whether you are with your child in person or on talking with them virtually, checking in frequently is critical. These connections help preserve the relationship between parents and a child, even when you cannot physically be together. Checking in can also help a parent (or concerned family member) identify any signs of stress, abuse or anger affecting a child’s well-being. If one parent unfairly denies visitation, access or communication, it may be necessary to bring the matter to the courts.

Ask for help

It is no easy task to balance child care with work and other responsibilities, especially when you are a single parent. Reach out to family members and friends for help and emotional support. A support network is important for your own well-being so you can keep providing the best possible life for your child as well.

Find ways to communicate effectively

Divorce impacts everything in a child’s life, from academics to mental health. However, we can talk to our kids about what is happening in a way that helps them open up about the pains or worries they may still carry. And by talking to your kids about their situation and ways to cope with it, you can better understand them and help them navigate this new life more easily. Always make sure they know you are there to continue supporting them.

Parenting after a divorce can be a very trying experience. However, these suggestions can make it a little easier for everyone to move forward in a healthy way.