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Month: November 2020

Should you consider a prenuptial agreement?

If you’ll soon be getting married, congratulations on the new chapter of life you’re about to start! But have you considered whether you could benefit from some legal protection before the big day arrives? If you’re like most people, you likely have

How does parental conflict affect kids?

Every married couple probably argues once in a while. However, arguments may happen with increased frequency and intensity in the time leading up to, during and just after divorce. This is understandable since divorce can be such an emotional experience. However, when

How do we divide personal property in a divorce?

Dividing marital property is commonly one of the most complicated steps in a divorce. And although people often expect high-value assets like a house to be the main source of contention, the fact is that all property can trigger arguments. For instance,

Test anxiety can even impact field sobriety test results

Field sobriety tests are the physical coordination exams that police subject drivers to when suspected of driving under the influence. You have likely seen them on TV or even experienced them yourself. The three standard tests used in Pennsylvania and elsewhere include:

Factors that can make a DUI go from bad to worse

Drunk driving charges can affect anyone, from a teenager leaving a party to a grandparent struggling with addiction. No matter who you are, the consequences of a DUI conviction can take a tremendous toll financially, emotionally and legally. Addressing these charges immediately

Books to help you cope with divorce

Divorce is a challenging time for everyone involved, during which stress and adversity are all too common. The entire divorce process is full of ups and downs. One day, you may believe you are in a good position and will come away

How reliable are breathalyzer tests?

You see flashing lights in your rearview mirror, and your stomach drops. You’ve had a few drinks, but you believe you’re within the legal limit to drive. The police think otherwise and place you under arrest for suspicion of drunk driving. At