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Category: Family Law

Strategies to protect your family’s business during divorce

Divorce can be particularly complex when the fate of the family enterprise is a concern. It becomes important to implement strategies that protect the business during the process. Have open and honest communication A good approach begins with an open and honest

Physical versus legal custody of minor children

Family separations have many complications, especially if they involve minor children. Fighting for custody is not an easy battle and has several key considerations. As you prepare for your child custody case, you should understand the difference between legal and physical child

How to know if your ex is hiding assets

Financial disclosures, often called financial affidavits, are common for divorce proceedings. Each party in the divorce may file a financial affidavit detailing their assets, expenses, and income. In an ideal situation, all assets appear on the statements to facilitate adequate division in

When can you modify a child custody order?

The Pennsylvania court understands custody arrangements as a temporary agreement subject to change. Children get older, and their needs change. Additionally, parents face life adjustments as well. Any of these may require changes in a custody agreement. Requesting relocation Sometimes the perfect

What are the 4 types of divorce in Pennsylvania?

If you are thinking about ending your marriage, you are far from alone. In fact, the current divorce rate in the U.S. is 2.7 per 1,000 population. This means about 2,400 couples decided to call it quits every single day.   While you may

5 reasons it may be time to modify your custody order

Despite the challenges that come with sharing custody of your child with an ex, most people adjust over time and find a new norm. However, situations arise that make it difficult or unwise to keep going with the same custody order, which

Court Hearings and Technology

While Pennsylvania courts have reopened since the summer shutdown, many courts are still only operating in-person hearings in emergency circumstances. This can cause issues for Pennsylvania couples looking to start or finalize their divorce. This may not be ideal for them. However,