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Month: October 2019

What happens if I refuse a BAC chemical test?

Every year in Pennsylvania, thousands of people face impaired driving accusations. In 2018 alone, law enforcement in the state made more than 52,000 such arrests (a drop from the 54,000 the year prior.) It’s very likely that most of these arrests, if

The financial and emotional effects of child support payments

For any couple, the divorce process is challenging. However, the emotional turmoil when a married couple with kids calls off their relationship off is overwhelming, especially if they do not carefully consider the family law issues that involve the kids. Aside from

What happens if I am arrested on a marijuana charge?

Under Pennsylvania law, marijuana is a schedule I drug. This means that Pennsylvania considers marijuana to be an addictive substance with no known medicinal properties. While many Americans may disagree with Pennsylvania’s code, this is what the law states. After a marijuana