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The financial and emotional effects of child support payments

For any couple, the divorce process is challenging. However, the emotional turmoil when a married couple with kids calls off their relationship off is overwhelming, especially if they do not carefully consider the family law issues that involve the kids. Aside from custody rights, child support is a major concern, not only from a financial viewpoint but emotionally too, as disputes and financial strain after the divorce can lead to further emotional tension.

If you are struggling with low income and financial pressure related to raising your children, not receiving child support (or the fear that your ex will not pay) is very upsetting. At the same time, child support can be a very difficult topic for those who will be required to start making payments, especially if they are unsure about whether their job will hold steady or if they have other demanding financial commitments (such as medical costs due to a health problem or accident.)

What happens if support payments are missed?

Missing child support can lead to a world of problems such as

  • Losing tax refunds
  • Being taken into custody
  • Being unable to obtain a passport.

As a result, parents should do everything they can to understand the terms of the child support payments and stay organized with regards to meeting them or holding an ex-spouse accountable if they miss payments.

Child support agreements can be changed

It is possible to modify a child support order after a divorce, which could make a significant difference in the lives of both parents. A parent struggling to stay caught up may be able to keep making payments on time if the agreement is revised, while the other parent would benefit from receiving child support in a more timely manner.