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How a DUI conviction can impact your goals

Young people with alcohol DUI convictions in Pennsylvania face severe penalties, including fines, community service and jail time. The state’s strict laws focus on deterring drinking and driving among drivers under the age of 24, responsible for more fatal road accidents than those in any other age group.

However, these are some ways a DUI conviction can devastate a young person’s life after paying a legal penalty.

It can prevent your college admission

Most college applications require individuals to divulge their misdemeanor or felony history. Anyone who answers these questions dishonestly risks rejection.

Although a first-time misdemeanor DUI charge will not automatically disqualify an applicant, a felony DUI resulting in someone’s injury or death can disqualify someone from admission.

It can end your college career

Although college students must face the legal ramifications of DUI charges, many are also subject to their schools’ zero-tolerance policies for illegal alcohol use. Schools may impose consequences, including:

  • Short-term suspension
  • Permanent expulsion
  • Loss of financial assistance
  • Loss of campus housing
  • Inability to transfer to another school

It can limit your career choices

A prior DUI conviction can result in rejection by graduate school programs and potential employers or an inability to obtain a mandatory career-specific license. A DUI can also reduce someone’s income potential and career choices, despite years of time, money and effort pursuing a specific career goal.

It can prevent you from obtaining credit

A Pennsylvania DUI conviction can appear on credit agency reports. As a result, a DUI may interfere with attempts to obtain a business loan, a mortgage or general credit.

The consequences of a DUI conviction can follow young offenders throughout their adulthood. However, a strong defense can guidance can protect your future.