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The hidden costs of a DUI

In addition to significant recognized costs, there are many hidden costs that come with a DUI. During just one holiday weekend in Pennsylvania in 2018, the number of DUI arrests rose 10% from the past year, as stated in a report done by the PA State Police. Many Pennsylvania drivers who receive a DUI find that they are not fully aware of the costs that could occur after the accident.

What are some potential areas where these costs could be incurred?


Although it is hard to calculate, drivers may need to factor in the time spent dealing with a DUI in their personal lives. Drivers can lose time at work, time from classes and time with family.

Alternative transportation

One of the biggest issues facing any person who has their license suspended is how to commute daily. Using the bus, hiring an Uber, or asking a friend to carpool is one such way of working around the loss of a license. However, it requires more communication and planning in advance. Drivers could find that this issue impacts their schedule more than they realized, which may lead to missed time at work or added stress.


Drivers may also have to deal with traffic fines and license fees. Increased insurance premiums, or even the loss of a policy, can be another overlooked aspect that may be a shock to the driver or any other dependents who use the plan.

Drivers may be required to install an interlock ignition device, also known as a car breathalyzer. According to Intoxalock, the cost in Pennsylvania can run as high as $105 per month.

In addition to informal costs, there are also formal fees. One of the most overlooked is an impound fee for the driver’s car, which could be $75 or more a day, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. Many vehicles need to be moved after the accident occurs.