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Will courts send you to jail or rehab?

In criminal cases involving drugs and alcohol, the judge’s sentence may send the individual in question to rehab rather than jail. While the ultimate decision falls on the judge and depends on the details of the case, there are a few factors that affect the odds of going to rehab instead of jail.

Understanding when courts send people to rehab or jail and why is valuable to anyone facing an alcohol-related charge.

When do courts send someone to rehab?

The government recognizes alcoholism and drug addiction as diseases that can impair a person’s ability to make decisions. This is why judges sometimes opt for an alternative sentencing of rehab as a way of fixing the underlying root of the issue. If you think you might fit the criteria for rehab rather than jail, you, your lawyer or even your family may request the court consider a rehab sentencing.

Not every crime involving drugs or alcohol qualifies for rehab instead of jail. Among other criteria, the situation must involve nonviolent crime and be directly clearly connected with drugs or alcohol. If it is your first time committing an offense, your chances of a rehab sentence may be higher.

Using rehab to recover from addiction

Going to rehab is preferable to jail for many reasons, one of the most important being it allows you the opportunity of getting real help. While the ultimate decision must happen in court, for those who meet the criteria, it is worth looking into the possibility of court-ordered rehab sentencing.